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Bowling Green Irrigation Systems

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Bowling Green Irrigation Systems

Bowling Green Pop up Irrigation System

Ref: SYSBG01 Bowling Green sprinkler in action


In recent years City Irrigation Ltd have been responsible for irrigation systems on over 100 bowling greens Our policy has always been to provide the highest quality of materials, installation and service. This is reflected in our general specification:
- Rotationally moulded one piece polythene tank.
- 3hp submersible pump ( 4hp where 3 phase electricity is available) selected and installed to provide maximum performance.
- Pump installations are fully protected against dry runningand closed head operation.
- 50mm MDPE ring main( gives equal performance to all sprinklers).
- Latest valve in head gear driven sprinklers or high quality brass impact sprinklers,chosen for their excellent performance and distribution.
- Orbit slide control system, is simple to use with flexible programming and easy operation.
- Choose installation by our own highly trained staff or purchase the materials for installation yourselves or your local contractor. Instruction and assistance are always available for self or contractor installed systems.
Please contact us for a free quotation or purchase a self install system below.

Bowling Green Irrigation system layout

Whether it’s a self installed watering system, or one installed by City Irrigation, the equipment and layout are exactly the same.


Installation consists of the following:

The tank is a 5000 litre rotationally moulded Polyethylene Water tank which should be sited reasonably close to the Bowling Green on firm level ground. “A concrete or slab base will always make a better job”. When choosing the position consideration should be given to accessibility for pipe work to the Bowling Green, water supply, and power for the pump. We supply 25m of 63mm MDPE pipe to run from the Water tank to the ring main around the Bowling Green although the ideal distance would be less than 10m.
The tank fittings provided in your kit will include, Ball Valve and Float, Overflow pipe, and Screen for a weir overflow. If the system is a self install, pipe and fittings for the water supply will need to be purchased separately.

Bowling green sprinklers require high flow and pressure; a 2.2kw(3 hp) submersible pump is fitted in the tank. The pump fittings include; pressure gauge, pressure relief valve, isolating valve and float switch. These fittings ensure that the pump is protected from dry running or no flow situations. A pump control panel is provided to offer overload protection and supply remote control via connection to the irrigation control panel. Please note that additional cable may be required.
You will require 20A 230v power supply.

Ring Main and Pop up sprinklers
To achieve adequate and even flow and pressure to the popup sprinklers a 50mm MDPE ring main is laid around the green with a multicore cable control the sprinklers. The surround of the Bowling Green is the main variable for the installation of a Bowling Green watering system. The ideal situation is a grass surround adjacent to the gully, the pipe can then be laid close to the green with the Pop up sprinklers connected to the ring main via swing joints. Unfortunately this is often not possible and it is necessary to lift paving or to lay the pipe on the far side of of paving and tee off with extra pipe to the sprinkler. Extra fittings can be provided if necessary.
To avoid disturbing the gulleys the pipwork is often laid quite shallow, 2 drain off points are provide to drain the pipe work down in the winter.

Bowling Green Sprinklers
Your Bowling green irrigation system will have 4 Rainbird Eagle 950 Valve in head pop up sprinklers. One positioned in the centre of each side. The sprinklers work one at a time and have sufficient range to over throw the corner and the centre of the Bowling green. On very windy sites where reaching the corners is a problem, 4 additional corner sprinklers can be fitted as an optional extra.

The controller for the Bowling Green Irrigation system would be an Orbit 4 station Control star slide controller, This controller provides a very simple to operate; but comprehensive control system which operates each sprinkler individually for a selectable amount of time up to 3 times per day, individual day scheduling and pausing are also possible. To enable the system to switch off automatically during wet weather, if require, a rain switch is also included. The controller can be sited in a dry location of you choice as long as the green and pump controller are accessible for cable connection.

Installation of a bowling green usually takes us approx 1 week, for self installs we can provide full instructions for layout and use of fittings. Self installs have been carried out by many clubs successfully; if you are in the South or Southeast, we are pleased to provide onsite assistance for final commissioning of self installs or of course the full installation.

Whether it’s a City Irrigation Installation or a self install it will carry either a full or materials only warranty for 12 months. Warranties for installed systems include winter decommissioning and spring start up in the first year.

Our current pricing for an Automatic Bowling green watering system is:
Self install package £4664+ vat
Installed package – From £7500 + vat   depending on location and site layout
If you would like more information on either of these options please contact us on 0208-462-4630 and we will be please to provide you with more information and arrange a site visit if local.

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Bowling Green Irrigation Systems


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